Imported seafood bad. Local seafood good. Does anyone know which Charlotte-area grocers carry North Carolina and/or East Coast shrimp? Everything I see in Harris Teeter, Lowes, etc is imported from Asia.


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Tis the season. Brown shrimp are in season until late August and white shrimp are harvested from now until late October.

My cousin owns and operates Cherry Point Seafood and I believe they run a truck up to this area twice per week during season. You can see a bio on Whole Foods blog at

I haven't gone over to Whole Foods yet to see if they are carrying his shrimp, but its probably a good place to start.
Thank you Darryl! Loved the pic of your cuz on the Whole Foods site!
At The King Street Market, last Saturday there was a guy selling NC shrimp and flounder. I think he's there frequently. He doesn't carry head-on shrimp, but at least they were fresh/never frozen.

The market located at the corner of Kings and Morehead, open Fridays and Saturdays.
Thanks for the tip Greg. I usually visit the King Street Farmers Market twice a month or so, but have never seen this guy. I'll keep trying!
The Peach Stand in Fort Mill (just east of exit 85 on I77) gets shrimp in fresh from the coast. Their number is 803-547-7563. Always a good idea to call ahead to make sure they have some if you are making a trip, but they have lots of other good things too- jams, jellies, preserves, etc as well as Springs strawberries/peaches in season, lunch counter and ice cream parlor. My kids love to go get cones on a hot day after hiking the greenway. Sort of weird to go to the gas station to buy meat and produce, but it is good!
Thank you Michaele! I'll check out the Peach Stand.

I've found north carolina shrimp at Earth Fare and, on occassion, Talley's. It's hit and miss but a real treat when you stumble on it. I refused to buy shrimp from HT because of the Asia imports, but the other day I also found nc shrimp at their East Blvd location. Good luck.


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