Okay, ya'll. I know this is a long shot, but does anyone know of a place I can get watermelon wine? Maybe an individual or a farmer or a store? My Dad wants some for Christmas. I found some online that comes from florida, but shipping is a killer...


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Sorry, I can offer no assistance but I'd like some haha ;) Sounds yummy.
Shucks! Well, if I find a a local brewer making it in thier garage or something I'll buy several jugs and bring them to the next edible school yard meeting so we can ALL have some.

(just kidding, by the way)

If I'd thought of this last summer I could have tried to make some myself. I had so many watermelons in the garden I started giving them away to passing strangers.

Any one have a storage melon or two in their root celler? Or juice in their freezer? It might not be too late to make a lightly alcoholic watermelon fizzy drink.


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