Hi Everyone,

As some of you already know I am all exited about the backyard of our new house and the possibility to plant a vineyard and a vegetable garden.

First of all though, I feel compelled to learn more about the plants that are already populating my yard, but in order to do so, being a recent Charlottean, I need a little help from you.

I attached a photo showing the leafs of all the plants with a number on the side of each one of them, for easier referral. Can you help me naming all of them?

Thanking you in advance,

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Thanks Tracy!!!

Any event coming soon for the Holiday Season organized by Slow Food Charlotte?
Any you would suggest organized by other associations/organizations?

Thanking you in advance,

Yes, it is sad, it feels something will be missing if we don't have
a get together over the Holiday Season.

Why don't we have just a simple social gathering? We don't have to have a "class". A couple of friends asked me about Slow Food and were interested in finding out more, but without an "occasion" it's hard to get the people involved.

Let's say we set a day and a time at a restaurant ( say a vegetarian restaurant or an "organic" one)
and then people can sign up for it. No pre-set menu, we order from their daily menu when we get there. How does that sound?



P.S. Actually no, I didn't pick up this Region because I come from Piemonte! :)
I knew this area because I spent a year as a foreign exchange student here
while in high school. Great Experience!
I am glad you like the idea. It will be fun!


I would like to suggest Earth Fare for the following reasons:

- quite - therefore perfect for conversation and sharing
- reasonably priced - so we don't discourage anyone who is dealing with a costly Holiday Season
- good healthy food - Eliza and I eat there often and love their recipes and organic ingredients
- private - if it's for a good cause ( our is) sometimes they let use a separate community room free of charge

Suggestions for Day/Time?

Saturday for lunch is just fine. I am also open to a weeknight if everyone prefers it.
The person in charge for the community room is Ms. Jeany (not sure about the spelling)
Since you have been involved in the association for so much longer than me, would you consider calling her to explain what we do and see if they would let us use the room free of charge?
12235 N Community House Rd
Charlotte, NC 28277
(704) 926-1201
Looking forward to it!
By the way Tracy,

Is it possible for us to take advantage of the following opportunity?


see you
Hi Paolo, I've been swirling in my own world but tuning in here for the NPO Youtube idea.

SFC operates under the Slow Food national 501 status. We don't have our own unique 501 status. I'm also not quite sure how that level of exposure would help us yet. We really need to work on our infrastructure and everyone I've been working with seems to be quite frozen at the moment, at least until the new year thaws them.

If you are a videographer you can take your own video footage and upload it to youtube (or google video) then link it to our SFC sites video section. We welcome user generated content!

I have been facing some technical difficulties trying to answer you. Sorry.

7PM at Earth fair tonight?

We will be there!
Love this idea! Don't know if I can make it the weekend before Christmas (lots of family coming into town) but I would love to see informal social gatherings on a biweekly or monthly basis for anyone who can make it.


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