Reply with the number of your pick for our group's name.

1 = The Feed to Learn Organization
2 = Charlotte Garden Teachers
3 = The Edible Classroom
4 = Charlotte Edible Knowledge Committee
5 = Seed to Plate Classrooms
6 = Food for Thought
7 = Charlotte Garden Grubs

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Is it too late to vote? I like 5. Five's great!

"Food for Thought" is the name of a syndicated cooking segment they show on local tv newsbroadcasts in some markets where there isn't enough news to fill up a whole half hour. :) I don't know if it's trademarked, though.
I like #6 too. I also thought of a late entry: Sprouting Knowledge or Charlotte Sprouting Knowledge.
If we can't use Charlotte's Food for Thought, I really like "Sprouting Knowledge"
I know that the time for voting is well past, but I have a concern that the name we choose give us an immediate identity in the public mind. I like the idea of Food for Thought, but it seems too abstract to help people grasp what we're about. Therefore, of the 7 choices, I would suggest either The Edible Classroom or Seeds to Plates Classrooms. Both associate food with schools.

Did I miss a summary response? Has another meeting been set yet?

Wanda Hubicki


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