I see that the Home Economist has free range all-natural turkeys -- is this the best we can do in Charlotte? Are there any local farms with better offerings?

I always smoke my turkey on the Weber grill, and don't want a large bird, but I prefer a fresh, never been frozen bird.


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There are some local farmers who were taking orders for birds about a month ago at the farmers markets (I think Dean Mullis might have been one of them but I am not sure)- check with some of those guys and see if they have any that have not been spoken for.
Fresh Market and Earth Fare also were taking pre-orders for organic or natural turkeys, and the Kosher Mart has some good kosher birds.
Thanks Michaele - good idea. I called Dean Mullis at Laughing Owl Farm and spoke with his wife. They are only producing 50 turkeys a year and have a waiting list -- but don't expect to have any left over for the waiters on the list this year. I'll check with the others and let you know what I turn up.
As stated, most Charlotte-area growers were sold out of their birds many weeks ago. Try some folks I know in the Asheville area: Linda and Joe Brittain at lfbrittain54@yahoo.com Perhaps someone can go on behalf of many and do a pickup to save on travel time/expense/emissions?
Another alternative is to search on www.localharvest.org
Next year, place your order early so you can get your gobbler closer to home :)


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