If you frequent the market often you'll see this pattern:

Customer comes up to farmer, asks for a choice food selection whether it's a cut of beef, eggs, or that sweet vegetable that everyone else is seeking. Only to be disappointed because it's after 9am and those who know have gotten to the best early.

Don't be disappointed. Order ahead.

I have not talked to a farmer yet that doesn't accept some form of pre-ordering for market days.

Don't be afraid to reach out and have a conversation with your local farmer. Call them up earlier in the week (none of this Friday night before Saturday market stuff) and ask them to set aside some of your favorite vittles from them.

Then your market trip got so much easier, you come, say your hi's and how-do-ya's, get a bag with your name on it, pay and you're on your merry way!

Remember that while the season is changing and availabilities are shifting most of our markets are still open and need your participation. Get out there, eat well, eat local!

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