Slow Food has signed into the seeking of balance with the current US Food and Farm Policy and we need you to act today!

Take Action on the Farm Bill

There are many ways you can help from writing and calling our local reps and letting them know that we care.

If we want to see some equality and push for all of our initiatives; this one has far reaching ramifications.

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Michael Pollan doesn't call it the Farm Bill. He thinks it should be called the Food Bill. As Brillat-Savarin said, "Tell me what you eat, and I will tell you who you are." To make it even simpler, we are what we eat. I have no knowledge of the bill's specifics, but I figure much of it has to do with corn production. US corn growers produce something like 10 billion bushels a year. Where can it all go? Some, of course, is eating corn. Off the cob or from the cans. Some goes to feeding animals. The rest is a huge surplus that has to be distributed into the marketplace that is consumed by humans in varied modified forms, all of which, I should add, are in containers of one form or another. As an aside, this Food Network Channel thing. I don't have a cableTV connection. I don't want one. I know it has a big viewership. I think it is silly in many ways. In my memory, I am unable to recall an instance in which one of the cookers said that he or she got the fresh food from a local source. No more value judgment.
Meanwhile, I believe the network of slow food prep and procurement of fresh local foods has everything to do with local networks. It's all about me and you and somebody else getting connected up.
I like sugar snap pea snackies.

tout de swing
It's been passed, Slow Food blog and the Grist Post-Mortem.

Looks like we made some heads turn in the battle is not going to go how it once did. Good things were added, bad things are still in it. Can we say progress is progress?


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