i was at the matthews market earlier today and found some great produce but no meat. does anyone know if some days/markets are better than others for finding products from baucom's, laughing owl, and grateful growers?


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Hey Scott, Grateful Growers wasn't there because they are in Italy, but they are almost always there every week otherwise. (www.ggfarm.com) Baucom's is there sporadically, about every other week, you can sign up for their email list that tells you when they'll be there, you can buy it in advance and it'll be there waiting for you www.baucomsbest.com. Also, you can check www.matthewsfarmersmarket.com to see who will be there each Saturday. (and to see the winter market schedule) If you want some local meat in a hurry and you can wait until Tuesday; the Tailgate Market in Southend always has chickens, ostrich & pork (though I'm not sure if GG'll be there this Tuesday). I'm not as familiar with the Yorkmont market, but I don't believe (I could very well be wrong) that Laughing Owl does meat products other than eggs. Good luck!
Grateful Growers is usually there but they were at Terra Madre. Baucom's is every other week, sign up to their online newsletter to be kept up to date on where they are. And you can generally find a number of other great meat vendors at Saturday's Yorkmont market.
Hah, go Laura, sorry I didn't see your reply. ;-)


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