It is not uncommon, at Slow Foods events, for people to ask me about that whole biodiesel thing. So I thought some of you might find this tv bit I did yesterday interesting. It is tv--they missed the scope of part of what I was saying, misconstrued part of the rest and generally got things a little wrong. But it's kind of cool to see our truck........

While you're at it, you might find our website interesting:

This isn't a shameless plug--we aren't a profit-making enterprise and with 15 member-owners never will be. It's more just that my love of the philosophy of local, slow food is tied closely to my embrace of local fuel systems.

Cheers, Rich

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Great job!

I thought you looked very Presidential in your media interview.
And with that kind of cache you need to understand that you will be misunderstood.
Perseverve, endure and generally kick butt as is your corporate dictum.


Let's not bring my corporate dictum into this....

You available for lunch this week? I've got Thursday or Friday open--or any day the following week.

Cheers, Rich


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