FOCUSING ON AN EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITY: Want to share your love of fresh food with low income people? Some discussions have been going around about the challenge.

To address this issue, the Nutrition Coalition has invited Mark Winne, author of Closing the Food Gap – Resetting the Table in a Land of Plenty to speak here in Charlotte.

You may have seen his book as a recommended reading selection in the Book section of the Winter 2007 edition of The Snail. Mark has extensive experience in the trenches in getting nutritious food to low income people, while providing a fair return to farmers. As the executive director of the Hartford Food System in Hartford, Connecticut, Mark has worked with community gardens, cooperative grocery stores, inner city farmers markets, along with many other projects – some of which have been discussed in our Unity meetings.

There are two events planned.

Free Lunch!
Thursday, September 25, 1-2:30PM for lunch and discussion with Mark Winne. We will meet in the Friendship Trays Building, 2401-A Distribution Street. No charge, but please RSVP to Marilyn Marks, or 704.553.1730.

Book Signing
Thursday, September 25 at Park Road Books in the Park Road Shopping Center. Mark will speak briefly and sign his book.

**The Nutrition Coalition is made up of the Community Culinary School of Charlotte, Friendship Trays, Loaves and Fishes Emergency Food Pantries, and Society of St. Andrew (The Gleaning Network)

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I'm so sorry that I missed this meeting! This subject has been on my mind lately in the state of economic crisis we are facing. I would love to help put good food into lower income neighborhoods but I was never sure where to begin! I'm going to check out the book listed and if you have any info to share on the event I missed I would love to hear it!

Many Thanks!!

I am also sorry to have missed this. Thank you for mentioning it: I will check out this book!

I would loved to been a part that discussion. Mark Winnie has a wonderful blog and his passion is strong in this area.  My wife and I are newly entered this journey.  having traveled around town we saw areas where there are no supermarkets, and access to fresh fruits, vegetable herbs were long bus rides away.  Well here we are now with a vision to answer the question my wife often asked, where do the people in this neighborhood go to shop for food?  We became the answer. We know it's a lot of work, but I know it's going to be great fun and highly rewarding for the people of these areas, and to those that will support our efforts.  We are targeting March of 2012.  Keep up the great work you do,and continue to lift up your voices for those that have not learned to lift up their own voices. Continued success.


Michael & Jacqueline Dennis


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