With all of this rain we've been getting, I have tons and tons of mushrooms ALL over my yard. Which got me interested in mushroom foraging. I know it's dangerous, and would never eat a mushroom I wasn't completely sure was safe (ie identified by a pro), so I was wondering if there were any mushroom pro's out there? Does anyone teach classes in the lost art of wild mushroom foraging?

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i was thinking sat or sun for the shroom thing . we could do reedy creek in another area
ao mcdowl has some realy nice woods .
Good afternoon i had a good day foraging found some hen of woods , beef stake polypore,
and bluet to day during lunch .
Good night fellow forgers just got really lucky to day ; found about 25 pounds of
hen of woods 5 pounds of old mans beard , and 10 pounds of chestnuts
getting ready for a really good meal this year with all these mushrooms .
We will need to plan a good meal for all the bounty the woods have supplied
Awesome idea. Some sort of fowl or wild game would go great with that. I know its a bit off, but I'm available a week from this Saturday if they'll last that long.
Hi Laura I am new to E mail and this whole cumpture thing ; I am just a ludite
and am sory if you would like to g to day i can go after you get off work.
but sat or sunday would be beter . Edward Reed Patterson
sory i got the days worng again I was thinking the 4/ 5 of oct for the forging walk in the woods
Hey Reed, This weekend would be great! Would Sunday work for everyone?
hi laura sun around 2 we could go to reed creek and go above the ponds and look there
or maby macdowl would be good i found morles thers this spring andf ther is a nice
creek with a good bank . erp
Good day every one I have a slight problem to day i have found 50 pounds of
Hen of Woods and need help putting them away .


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