With all of this rain we've been getting, I have tons and tons of mushrooms ALL over my yard. Which got me interested in mushroom foraging. I know it's dangerous, and would never eat a mushroom I wasn't completely sure was safe (ie identified by a pro), so I was wondering if there were any mushroom pro's out there? Does anyone teach classes in the lost art of wild mushroom foraging?

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That would be an awesome thing to do! I am also interested in finding anyone who does this.
I was thinking the same thing. Amazing biology, amazingly good ;-)
Hi: this is Reed i found some hen of woods to day and some beef stake fungus;
was thinking of going this weekend the oct 4/5 if you would like to come call me a 704 567 6212
or 7045061723
Good day just dropped off 25 pounds of hen at Dan and Katies plus 5 pounds of old mans beard
and ten pounds of chestnuts. Getting ready for a real good meal.
...I'm hesitant to reveal my mushroom "dealer"/forager (he brought me some chanterelles and chestnuts on Friday and offered to show me how to find more on Saturday, but I couldn't go). I've eaten many mushrooms he has found; he is the real deal (brilliant--knows more about plants and hidden nooks around Mecklenburg county than anyone I know). I'm pretty sure he leads teaching sessions given by the Audubon society, but would probably be willing to do more on the side. In one of his past lives he was a chef, so he knows a lot about cooking, too.

I'll call him to see how he prefers to be contacted.
Yea I know that foragers don't like to divulge their locations, an that's 100% fine with me! It would just be awesome to know what to look for, what to stay away from, and if we ever found something, who could I send a photo to before I become a guinea pig haha!
There are so many mushrooms out now, and I'd bet they'll keep coming up as long as it keeps raining; Maybe we could take him places that we see have mushrooms, so that he doesn't have to divulge his secret 'shrooming places.
I emailed Thom Duncan about making this an official "Slow Food" event if my "source" can do it. I just talked to his wife and his work schedule is busy for a couple of weeks, but she thought he would be willing to take a group out if he can make the timing work. He's going to call me and I'll let you know (and give you his name and contact info if he okays it)!
Thanks Katie for the passing of info. It's come full circle and it looks like we'll be hitting the brush this weekend! Wheee!

Event Details!

Still ironing it all out but thought I'd get the ball rolling on here.
Good Morning i just ot back from the park and found a few chantrles, hedge hog and about 3 pounds of
hen of woods . If any one would like to go out this weekend to forage for some shrooms.
I would be willing to go again and see what we can find thursday oct the 2 . It is not an easy walk
that I take it is between 5 to 10 miles that we would cover . Thru thick brush ; ie long pants and
old clothes. it should be a group no larger that ten.
Edward Reed Patterson
Tonight? What time & where should we meet? I have my heart set on watching the debate with Drinking Liberally, but might be able to go afterwork...


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