“When we eat fast food, we are eating the values of that fast food. And its telling us that food should be cheap. And its telling us that advertising confers value, and that standardization is more important than quality, and that kitchen work is drudgery. This is what is being said. We’re eating those ideas, those values. So we have to come to Slow Food values, and we have to understand that food is something very precious, not something that [comes] after the Nike shoes, the cell phones and the cars and whatever else we decide we’re going to spend our money on. It should be way up there [in our values]. And we either pay up front, or we pay [later].”

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I second your thought!
It is like the old saying that applies to using computers “garbage in, garbage out”. When we consume food it actually becomes part of our body, our selves. Our cloths, cell phones, cars will never be part of our bodies but as a society we are usually more careful in selecting those items than the ones we consume. If the food contains qualities such as vitamins, minerals, fiber and protein it can contribute positively to our body and to our life. If the food is a highly processed product that contains transfats, high fructose corn syrup, antibiotics, pesticides, or fertilizers it can weaken us both mentally and physically. Food is fuel for our bodies. What happens if we use poor grade fuel in our cars? The car will run rough, not perform as well as it could, and probably break down sooner. The same is likely to happen to our bodies when we fill up with poor quality fuel, also known as “junk food”.
It was wonderful to experience SFN and to see so many inspired people sharing their knowledge and experience. Change is definitely in the air, let’s keep pushing

Great comments regarding the values revolving around our "American" food sources! "You are what you eat" so choose wisely and become an educated consumer!

Thanks for posting and sharing Thom!


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