I am new to Charlotte, and moved here from big cities which offered a flat, one plate size per person Italian pizzas. I am dying for a good pizza....

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me too!
Hope we can get some help here... :-)
Don't know where you are- Luigi's (Tryon at 485) has good pizza, but they are more the big NY size. Brixx has more the plate size pizzas, but don't know if I would call them Italian!
I would recommend Portofino at Arsley Town, on S. Tryon. The owners and chefs are from Italy. I know them. We can organize a group of people and "challenge" them. I was there today for lunch and they are happy to try their best. I know for sure that the pizza is good and as close to the Italian style as possible.
Thanks for your reply, I am open to planning something and inviting who ever is interested.


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