I just got back from vacation and came home to a garden of overgrown okra- lots of pieces about 8 inches long- about twice as big as when I normally pick it. Anyone have any ideas on any recipes that would salvage it?

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Silly Michaele! Couldn't you find anyone to pick it while you were gone? ;-)

There's not much you can do with tough okra.

Here are some options:

-Your could compost it.

-You could take the seeds out and cook them like peas in a soup or something.

-You could use the okra while making stock.

-You could save seed.

-You could dry the pods and use them in dry flower arrangements.

-You could dry the pods and affix them to sticks so your boys have fun natural, organic, locally grown spears with which to poke each other.
hey Michaele...typically when it gets that big it is realllly woody and not all that tasty no matter how long you cook it....pickiling may be an option, have not tried it myself but maybe over time the brine solution would break down the fiber/woodiness and then it would be tender...in my eyes the smaller the better when picking okra...paul
Thanks guys!
I guess those pieces are destined for the compost bin (or the end of long sticks......) Now that I am home I am being much more vigilant. Last night I made a batch of classic fried okra for our French friend, and he loved it. Also roasted one of Cassie and Natalie's chicken with white wine and figs and did a dish of a bunch of my tomatos with some goat cheese sprinkled on top. With the exception of the rice and German wine, it was all local!


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