There isn't a clear place within this site where we can post news articles related to the Slow Food cause. So I'm starting a discussion topic...

Here's an article from today's Washington Post:

Pedaling the Local Food Movement

Here's an article from yesterday's New York Times:

Slow Food Savors Its Big Moment

And here's a blog archive with entries chronicling the Eat Local Challenge. The most recent entry is at the top:

The Eat Local Challenge

I hope people enjoy these and post other interesting and pertinent articles they come across.

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Thanks Marc.

I read the times article yesterday and you beat me to the post.
There should be more articles as we approach Slow Food Nation.
Slow Food is getting enough press now that there seems to be a need to define it in a sound bite,
at least from those writing about it. The article was somewhat mixed as it seemed split between communicating the upcoming events, audiences and message with a need to place the movement into the geography of current trendy activism in America.

Still it was good to see it front and center.

Thanks again and keep em coming.


Here's a well-written op-ed piece on animal rights from 7/31/08 in the New York Times:


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