I heard from a couple at dinner a few weeks ago that there was a farm in Weddington raising Berkshire hogs. Does anyone know the name or perhaps another source in the area to get good heirloom pork?

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grateful growers...www.ggfarm.com
Thanks for all the suggestions. It is nice to hear there are several options.We will be checking them out soon.

For incredible Tamworth and Hereford pork, call us at Grateful Growers Farm www.ggfarm.com.
Underwood Family Farm near Shelby used to do Berks www.underwoodfamilyfarms.net. Find other pastured pork producers at www.ncchoices.com
We offer Berkshire pork- all pasture raised and antibiotic free on our farm in Rowan Co.

Lee Menius- Wild Turkey Farms- 704-202-9348


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