Does anyone know of a group which does vegetable seed exchanges, in the Carolinas? I'm interested in heirloom and open-pollinated seeds.

I figure I'll collect seeds from my heirloom varieties in the fall. But, would love to go in with others to buy a bunch of varieties and share, since we only need 4-6 seeds of any of them. I'll order a bunch of seeds first of the year also. And we'll have more to share then.

I'm wanting to create a template for sharing. Maybe we could hash out some ideas/details. Perhaps, everyone who is interested could create small packets of 6 seeds?? And then folks could either send SASE or meet up to exchange seeds.

I think the more participation the merrier!

So, just chime in if you'd be interested in participating or have ideas how to do this. Maybe everyone could order 6 packets and share whatever they didn't need for themselves, in exchange for alternate varieties??

Then, each year, I want to collect my own seeds from my produce to use the following
year. Eventually, not having to buy seeds!! But, then, it is fun to buy seeds. LOL


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Hi Pat,
Try Pete at American Beauty Garden Center on Central Avenue. If anyone would know about a seed exchange in Charlotte, he would. Also check with NC Home Extension Service and the Master Gardener's Program.

Okay, the second cup of tea has kicked in. Thought of a couple more. :) Stowe Gardens in Belmont and the botanical garden at UNCC might also be good resources for you.
Thanks, I've just become a member of both Daniel Stowe and the Native Plant Society. I'll ask around there also.

I appreciate the other leads.

I found a couple of national seed swap organizations.

There is a yahoogroup which does plant and seed swaps. Not sure how much focus is on heirloom, open-pollinated, non-Monsanto seeds. It seems to be free swapping, or just SASE.

And a Seed Swap at Monticello (VA) on Sept. 6, 2008.

I also found Seed Savers Exchange. I joined their membership. I'm curious what all it offers. But, I wanted to support their (non-profit) efforts.

I also found one in GA. It is an old timey seed swap every spring. It is hosted by the Southern
Seed Legacy. Apparently, there are a bunch of free seeds and some free plants, all open-pollinated, all heirloom.

I might make it to that one also.

But, I'll check out the local ones too!

My only advice there is to KNOW who you are gettiing the seeds from, so that you will not be inadvertantly growing or passing along to others seeds that are not really heirloom.
Oops-- I just realized that there were already replies. ... I think one of the goals of seed savers is to get more regional exchanges started. I bought seeds from them many years ago when I lived in Wisconsin.
I met some folks from Boone at the CFSA conference back in 2003. I think there is a small, very informal group. I have 7 kinds of tomato this year--all organic and I believe mostly heirloom. I will join you in hosting an exchange here in Charlotte sometime in the fall. In the meantime, I'll try to track down the contact info for the guy from's on a packet of kale seeds somewhere in my house!

I've joined the Native Plant Society and they seem to have a seed swap and plant swap sometime during the year. But, I'm not clear if they focus on heirlooms and organics. I'm also on the group "Nourishing The Carolinas" and those mamas are serious about organics!!

I'm sure we could work out a swap.

Hi Pat,
There were a number of folks at our Earthfare meeting last week that expressed interest in this. How about you make it a group here and that can be a home base for us? Anyone can create a group, just go under the groups tab and click on create group. You do have to have some sort of picture to put in it, otherwise there is no criteria.
Thanks for getting this started, its a great idea!


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