A little while ago I read 'The Revolution will not be Microwaved' by Sandor Ellix Katz. In the Introduction he writes about a club in Oregon in which members exchange homemade food products, such as sourdough bread, jellies and jams, sauerkraut, home brewed beers, etc. They called it the "Bread Club". Many of us probably have one or the other thing that we like to make and share with others. I thought it would be a great idea to start such a club here in Charlotte. Regulations nowadays have become so strict that it is pretty much impossible for you and me to sell homemade products, especially on a small scale. But giving things away and exchanging them is not illegal yet. I would love to hear what everybody thinks about this! Post your thoughts and ideas!

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I love this idea! Darin, as you know, likes to brew, and unless some disaster occurs, our blackberries should be good this year and we will make some jam (or pies!). Darin also bakes bread, and I do pound cakes and muffins. Our stuff isn't bad (friends seem to like it) and I would love to try things others make! Would we include recipes, or would those be secret and proprietary?
I think it can be up to the individual to decide whether to include recipes. It would be nice to include ingredients so that everybody knows what they are getting.
I can do sourdough bread, quiches, kefir, kombucha, etc. I think between all of us we will have quite a variety of things.
Thanks for getting this going, Christine. I thought it was a great idea when you brought it up at the open planning meeting at Earth Fare. I'm trying to think, though, what I can contribute that hasn't already been mentioned. Maybe whole grain pasta? I'm looking into sheeps milk ricotta but that's in it's early stages and may not pan out.
You can contribute whatever you like. Pasta sounds awesome! But even if something has already been mentioned you can still make your version of it. Every bread is different, every pie is different, etc. That's the beauty of it. I think eventually we could barter. For example, I make a few quiches with overabundant spring eggs and trade them with somebody for a few loaves of bread that I can then pop in the freezer (or eat right away, whatever suits you :-) I sent Thom a message about having a potluck / food exchange at our house in July. We'll keep everybody updated, the sooner we get things started the better.
Sounds like fun maybe on Saturday, there always seems to be stuff that doesn't sell at market and maybe some farmers would want to get invovled. I have five jars of different pickles in my frig right now, bartering seems to be a great way to make new friends.


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