My best friend recently built a Ning community for wheel chair users. As I watched him work and go through an early design I realized I had some improvements to do in our community.


* Logo placement and embellished
* Announcements Forum created for Leaders/Admins to ..Announce
* Announcements percolate to the top of the main page for easy consumption.
* Active Members pictures migrated to center column.
* Blogs make a return. If you post to your personal space it will now show up on the main page. Think of blogging as a self-written article while a forum post a conversation.
* Added Note box for information regarding Slow Food USA membership.
* Added 'Shop' link to top Navigation, it won't redirect yet, but soon.

I'll post an entry soon with screenshots/how-to on uploading/linking to Video and Photo content. As well as how to build your own sub-group (it all starts under the 'Groups tab', hint!)

Hope everyone is well!


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Hi Andy,

Just wanted to say thanks for all of your work on the Web site! It is so much better than it was before, and once I figure out how to use some of the features I'm sure I'll enjoy it even more...



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