Need your help fast: Local Cheeses (from Western NC?)

Hi All!

I'm gettin' hitched on May 3 and we'd love to have some NC cheeses at our reception. I remember that fantastic first dinner at Tommy & Debbie George's a few years ago, and there were some phenomenal cheeses from western NC.

Does anyone remember where those were from, or know of some great local cheesemakers we could go raid in the next week? (We actually don't need a great deal of cheese, but we'd like a little bit of variety, maybe 3 - 4 different kinds.)

Also, are there any Charlotte-based purveyors of said local cheeses, like Earthfare?

THANKS! Time's a'tickin', and your help is greatly appreciated.


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Boskey Farms has some great goat cheese (they are usually at Matthews and Yorkmont and maybe tailgate, which opens this weekend), maybe they can lead you to others!
Thanks, Michaele!
Hi Laura! You may want to send a message with this request to member Tracy Allen. At our Jan or Feb Meet/Greet at Earth Fare, I believe it was Tracy who brought in a selection of local cheeses for a little taste test. I think she had done quite a bit of research. Try her and if it wasn't her, I bet she can point you in the right direction. Good luck. cbj


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