Paolo with Chef Marco Lubrano ( ) who will have a hands on cooking class with educational flair teaching Italian culture.

This event will begin promptly at 7 PM for dining at 8 PM.

Place: Earth Fare at Ballantyne (Community Room)
Date: Wednesday, April 23th, 7pm

Event has a full capacity of participants but please come out to talk or snack..

If you want to come but do not want to participate that is fine as well we'd love to have you.

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Michaele and I will be there! (We will also participate!)
Am a new member of Slow Food USA and Slow Food Charlotte, Live in S Charlotte and would love to attend Wed. Meet and Greet at Earthfare. Not familiar with program. Is there a fee to participate? Looking forward to this! Was in Italy last October
My friend Ashley and I will be attending Wednesday's meeting. This will be our first time attending a slow foods Charlotte event. We look forward to some stimulating conversation and some delicious authentic Italian cuisine.
Matt and I will be there and would love to participate.
Jay and I will be there!
Off this thread Denise, Rich, and Ashli have signed up, bringing our total to 14. I'm going to cap the participants at this time since I do not believe the room can sustain more activity than this.

Paolo has said that there is no cost for participating in their event. Please make sure to thank Paolo and Chef Marco for their time and supplies. We certainly appreciate it.

If more want to come to hang out and join a multitude of aside conversations please feel free. This is not only an activity night, but we just enjoy having activities when we can!
It turns out that Jay and I won't be there. Sorry, but I'm under the weather. Ya'll have fun!
Get your rest, you'll need it for the weekend! The pollen has my throat near gone. I love spring, my sinus hate tree pollen hehe.
Matt and I will try to make it tonight to be part of the "not participating" crowd. This time, WE wil be the two muppet old guys in the balcony. :)
I'll bring the opera glasses. ;P


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