As a long-time homebrewer, I would like to invite everyone to learn about this traditional craft. Jess, the owner of Alternative Beverage, a store for homebrewers and winemakers, has offered to teach a seminar in conjunction with the "Big Brew" event on May 3.

The "Big Brew" will consist of many homebrewers brewing batches on site, outdoors, near the banks of the Catawba River in Belmont. As part of the event, some folks will be camping for the weekend. Details will follow regarding food arrangements.

The seminar will consist of a demonstration of the initial brewing process, where malt and water, hops and yeast are combined to make wort, which then ferments into the wonderful stuff known as beer. The process takes about 2 hours, during which there will be plenty of time to ask questions and sample the finished product.

Instruction will begin at 11:00 on Saturday, May 3. Feel free to come earlier or stay later to meet the other brewers. For the store location and directions, visit

Please respond to this discussion if you have any questions, and to let me know if you are interested in attending. Cheers!

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Thanks Darin for keeping up with this, I've moved it to the announcements section. I'll also put it on the calendar and in the next event update.

I'd definitely like to go.
Hi! My boyfriend and I would totally be interested in this. I looked at the store's page, but didn't see anything in regards to the event. Is there a page with more info on all the goings on and camping? Hopefully, we are free that weekend! Thanks for the info. Oh, you can email me at if you want! Jenny
Hi Jenny - glad you are interested!

I know that Jess at Alternative Beverage had some big server problems last weekend, which is probably why he hasn't posted the event yet. I will bug him about it, since I want more details, too. I plan to visit the store this week to check out the new location. (He used to be on South Blvd. but that site is going condo.)

I'll post any more information I can get!
Cool! Thanks. We haven't actually done any home brewing (we're lazy), but I know Gregory would like to meet some like minded people. He's big on microbreweries and we go on tours a lot :). I'll keep an eye on the board!
Hey Darin, I'd like to broadcast this out to everyone, Alt. Bev's site still lacks any info, is there anything additional you would like to add?
Thanks, Andy! I spoke with Jess again; he apologized for not having the info on his website, but assured me that everything is set. He will be cooking some kind of meat, but I would suggest packing something if you want to eat - no idea how much food there will be.

The class is set for 11:00 - 1:00.

I have heard interest from a lot of people who have not signed up, so a "call for sign-ups" would be great!

(Afterward, I'm heading for the Whitewater Center, if anyone's interested in that!)
3 count from me; Robin, myself, and a friend Jeremy will be in attendance.


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