I've been hearing a lot lately on the use of greywater (from the shower, sink, washing machine) to water a garden. Does anyone have any knowledge as to the legality of this in Charlotte?

It seems like a waste of a cheap resource to just let all of that water run down the drain... If anyone has experience with this in Charlotte, I'd like to hear about it!

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I posted a comment on your page about this, but thought I better answer here as well. As of March 08, it is legal to use gray water. Here's a link to the article.
Thanks Carol. I'm fascinated by this. I read the article---it says the state is going to write some guidelines. But someone has told me in the past that Mecklenburg county has its' own laws making the use of greywater illegal. I'd love any information about the issue. I'm using every drop of rainwater, and I'm itching to at least grab the dish and clothes washer's waste!
I thought I read somewhere (sorry, not sure) about storing graywater is illegal, not using it. Rainwater is fine, it's reusing the domestic water, germs, etc. they worry about. So you could direct the wash water to your landscape, rain garden but storage and spraying it in the air like on your lawn is where it gets a little iffy.
Collect the rain water, re-plumb to flush toilets with it, keep it from flooding streams with polluntants, lower your drinking water use and have a wonderful yard during the worst droughts.
I suspect if we start coming up with plans and then go to our local governments, they might start approving greywater systems. If and when you get serious about it, I would start calling government planning and permit offices and ask lots of questions.


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