Slow Food Charlotte to descend on Zada Jane’s, Thursday, April 10, 2008

The second stop on the Slow Food Charlotte Eat and Greet Tour, formerly known as the Ethnic Food and Controversy Gathering Tour, will be held at Zada Jane’s Restaurant located at 1601 Central Avenue. Same drill, signal your intention to go, here on this thread, so we can book seats for Thursday, April 10, 2008 at 7 PM. There will be a couple of dinner options at or below the $15 mark, or you can go boldly into the culinary geography of Zada Jane’s evening menu. What’s not to love, bring a friend, raise a ruckus, draw a crowd, defend the pleasures of the table and on a Thursday night to boot! Be there.

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Trouble needs to be fed.

Crow & Humble Pie are the blue plate specials.
Thom and Andy, if you're dead set on making trouble, then read this comment in response to the Creative Loafing review:

"The only thing that is local at Zeda Janes [sic] is Grateful Growers sausage. That is the only local and healthy meat. Zeda Jane's gets Ashley Farms chicken but even that is pretty much Factory Farmed.All the other meat comes from Sysco. ..."

My impression is that ZJ's heart is in the right place, and it certainly appears that they do more local sourcing that this. I hope we can do some "kitchen sleuthing" and refute the accusation... in any case, the Controversy Gathering shall continue!
Jeanne & Fred from The Yummy Club will attend


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