I received this info. from Fit City Challenge and thought there may be some interested individuals out there.......

Fit City Challenge is excited to announce its partnership with Society of St. Andrews and their gleaning program. Gleaning provides an opportunity for farmers to have their leftover produce harvested while organizations in Mecklenburg County receive fresh, nutritious food to distribute to those in need.
Fit City would like to support this worthy endeavor by creating a list of Fit City participants who would be interested in participating in gleaning opportunities during the gleaning season. Fit City will also be hosting a gleaning day in the Fall. By agreeing to be on this list, you would receive emails regarding upcoming gleaning opportunities. There is no obligation to participate and you can withdraw your name from the email list at any time. For more information regarding gleaning and volunteering, go to

http://www.fitcitychallenge.org/Diet/EatRightArticle.aspx?ID=64 .

To join the Fit City Gleaners email list, click Sign up
Thanks for considering this wonderful opportunity to assist with providing access to fresh, healthy produce for those in need.
Dianne Thomas, Fit City Director

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