To better assist us all in coordinating and executing projects I've taken a tip from our local Junior Chamber and the way they coordinate their activities with a project guide.

While we do establish and bring to fruition a good amount of events it helps if we can all be on the same page and always know the finer points of 'who','what','where', and 'why'. If we do the same event next year we can learn a lot by looking at the prior years.

Attached is my first attempt at making our own 'Project Guide'. If you would like to put together an event (which we hope you do), let this template start your brain thinking on all the details necessary to pull off an event or project.

As I get time I'll make the followup pages that help with recaps, encounters, and budgets but this should get us all started.

Once you fill this out please scan and submit it to or fax it to 815-366-8149

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