We had a great gathering of people at Earth Fare for our monthly meeting. These notes I have are a sketch of the meeting if you have your own recollection, date additions, or comments feel free to add them.

Ideas for Upcoming Meetings:
* Catawba River Keeper
* Political Work Group, bring in someone to teach us how to get involved with Charlotte politics into getting heard.

Slow Food Subgroup Ideas:
* Book Club
* Food Writers (Essays, etc)
* Food-Share-Club, make and trade

* Printable Materials, members asked for something that they could print out that says a little about our local group, contact information, web information, etc.

* Project Sheet, if you would like to start a project a checklist that can help you get the ball rolling and then we can have it for future use for other projects. I'll be building one off the Jaycee's Chairman Planning model.

* How Much Land to Feed Map, a map that shows us how much land it would take to feed the region. Having more picture/graphic ideas we can show when we have booths or presentations that bring home what it takes to sustain our regions food supply.


There was a lot more said, we packed 2 hours of non-stop ideation and planning. Many new events are coming in conjunction with the local markets to the CFSA.

The consistent overarching message I wanted to get out was this is your group and we are all volunteers. If you have an idea you want to see come to life, get the ball rolling. If you need help ask for it we'll get the word out. Member or not, your help and participation is needed. We need more leaders.

Again if I've missed something (and I'm sure I have) please add to this. If there is a subgroup you need formed, go to 'Groups' and start one. If you want us to include something in an upcoming newsletter that benefits the region and the multitude of ideals Slow Food helps then by all means let us hear from you.

Thanks all!


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