Carolina Farm Steward Fundraiser Planning. Hmmmm, fun.

Hate to cross post, because I know we're all busy. But check out my last post in the CFSA Interest group!

We're in the planning stages of our annual fundraiser, and it's going to be excellent. Buses on biofuels taking you from the farmer's market in your area to your favorite farms where chefs will enlighten you. You'll be driven back to the market where we will be having a great time eating some informal chow. This is going to be the best farm tour in the country!

Anyone have any comment on what they would like to see on the tour or how they would like it to be organized? Anyone want to step up as volunteer, sponsor, participant?

So if you're feeling guilty about all of that time you've logged at exotic restaurants, redemption is yours! Because you aren't going to get a better chance to support your local food system than this all year.

Cheers, Rich Deming

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