Hi all,

We were supposed to have Paolo and another Italian chef do a little cooking at Earth Fare this month but scheduling conflicts are having us bounce this to April.

That means that as of the moment we're fielding any other ideas that people might like to see or do during out monthly gathering.

If anyone has a presentation, a discussion, or something to share this month let us know and we'll do all we can to empower a lively little meeting.

Feel free to use the thread to brainstorm or think out loud.

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Christine and I think it would be nice to have an open discussion and "brainstorming session" at the next meeting. Everybody could come up with ideas on how we can promote local, clean food and spread the Slow Food message.
I was going to suggest Twister, but Matt's idea is better.

No, seriously, I was also thinking that getting folks talking to each other would be of great value at this particular stage of the game. Sometimes discussions in small groups of people are better than in large groups, though. Maybe if a whole lot of people showed up, we could randomly divide people up into smaller clusters? We could either keep it informal, then, or have one person in each cluster act as a secretary to record the discussion and give a summary either at the end of the evening or here, online. If would be interesting to see if the smaller groups' discussions diverged or were more or less the same.
Twister does sound like a delight though haha ;)

The only thing I did not add to the original message was if there was nothing that we could be presented, the default of any of these gatherings is to build more bridges. With each other, with our ideas, and with upcoming directions.
The email reminder is out. Come Wednesday with ideas and be ready to take some of those ideas and run with it.

If someone is not able to come feel free to add your voice to the discussion here and we will make a strong attempt to read and answer your query.



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