Does anyone know of a local organic dairy source?

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We get our milk from a dairy farm in York SC. They are not "certified" organic but the cows graze on pastures that have not been sprayed. They sell Grade A Raw Milk from old fashioned Jersey and Guernsey cows. Last months bacteria count was lower than pasteurized grocery store milk. Call Carolyn Adkins at 803 242 4743 she will be more than happy to tell you about her milk.
Thanks Matt! I'll give her a call.
I would be very interested! I wonder if they would consider a bi-weekly delivery to the Charlotte area if enough people were interested? I know there is a milk delivery to the Ft Mill area every other week from a farm in SC. This farm looks great! Thanks for the link!
I se this post is quite old, but I would be interested in trip sharing in this way. Even if we only did it occasionally, it would be great.
I am very very very interested and I might know a few others that would be as well...i will pass on the information!!


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