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Hi All,
I have to put on a program for 15 kids at the library on Saturday and I need some ideas! I need to know what they need to learn about - ages are 7-12 and then come up with some sort of project.

I'm leaning toward talking about gardening in general for a few minutes and then focusing on creating a "salad garden to go." I'd use some weedless soil mix, show them how I'm adding some organic fertilizer (explaining why that's important) and then show them 6 different types of seeds for their lettuce, and perhaps some radishes.

They could then take a shallow growing box, fill it with the mix, sprinkle their seeds, cover with soil and water it in. They could also make some labels and then take their gardens home.

I would teach them how to thin their gardens as they grow and eat the thinnings as "organic baby lettuce." As the plants continue to grow they could continue their harvests until they are pulling individual leaves off of larger plants.

So does this sound good to you all? Are there any other quick growing, short vegetables they could use in a salad? Are there any other points I could be making to these kids?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, especially if you could reply directly to my email at

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Just wanted you all to know that the talk went fine. There were about 20 kids there with their parents. They had a ball creating their gardens and planting lettuce seeds. I hope to get photos back from them as to how their gardens do.

Thanks for your input.



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