Beginning March 13th and continuing on the second Thursday of every month, Slow Food Charlotte will go out to eat some place new. Slow Food Charlotte’s own Tricia Childress will pick the restaurants, all moderately priced, ethnic, fun or at the very least funky. Join us and try something new. We’ll announce the coming months yummy meeting place a week before the date. We will give you a description of the restaurant and what to expect. If possible we will have someone from the restaurant give us a short history of their food culture. What makes their cuisine unique? How it evolved? What are the most authentic dishes? Then we will order, eat and hang out. It’s meant to be informal and fun.

At this time we're planning to begin these delicious ritual gatherings at 7 PM

Watch for our first announcement next week!


Thom Duncan
Slow Food Charlotte

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Yeah, this sounds awesome, cant wait to start! :)


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