Slow Food Charlotte is organizing a grand tomato experiment. As you may have heard, some folks like to claim that they grow the best tasting tomatoes. If pressed they usually admit that it’s the soil where they grow them that makes their tomatoes taste so good. Well, we had the wacky idea: what if farmers from say Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia all grew the same tomatoes, would they taste the same? We aim to find out.

This year we are inviting other Southern Slow Food Convivia to take part in our experiment. We are selecting three or more farmers from all participating convivia to grow Cherokee Purple and Mortgage Lifter tomatoes. Both tomatoes were selected from the Slow Food Ark of Taste.

Sometime in mid to late summer we will gather to taste these geographically unique tomatoes to determine if “terroir” makes a difference in flavor. We invite you to participate. As we head into summer we will plan our own cross town tasting to see if micro climate differences affect tomato flavor.

Are you up to the challenge?

Can your tomato ego take it?

You can get your seeds here, Order Tomato Seeds .
Remember we will be growing “Cherokee Purple” and “The Mortgage Lifter”, an economically appropriate name if there ever was one.

More details will follow as we head into the growing season.


Thom Duncan
Slow Food Charlotte

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