What are your thoughts on Sulfites? I am a wine lover who recently tried several organic wines claiming to have no sulfites. They were horrible!

I love red wine, so no NSA is hard to come by... Does anyone have a suggestion for a good organic/non-sulfite red wine?

And what is the general opinion on sulfites as a rule? I always thought red wine was good for me - I spent a lot of time in california wine country and it is my retirement dream to own and operate a winery.. so i was surprised when a friend told me that the sulfites in red wine were toxic...

Need some info! :) Thanks!

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I would suggest a wine from Sonoma Cty. made by a wonderful wine maker named Tony Coturri check out his web page for information www.coturriwinery.com , you can find his wine at a few local wine dealers. Let me know if you have a problem locating this and I can help out.

Steve Case
Frey is a good one too. they have it at Trader Joes


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