A Slow Food Earth Day in Brooklyn

On Earth Day this year, I had the pleasure of traveling to New York City. The trip, a last minute decision, was to serve two purposes: to visit my daughter and to attend a Slow Food benefit dinner “Plating the Planet” at the United Nations Building. I thought “Why is Slow Food hosting a dinner […]

NC Choices

Practicing Local Farmers and Meat Producers Event

$20 per person includes access to entire program, catered lunch and workshop materials. Registration is available online, pay by credit card, by clicking here. Processing fees apply (less than $5). Payment by check can be made- email casey@ncchoices.com for details. Use subject line “RLC workshop pay by check” NC Cooperative Extension personnel should register by contacting […]


The Southeast is Producing Non-GMO Canola Oil

Always encouraging to hear regional partners creating alternatives products that don’t sacrifice in its quality or operations. Why non-GMO canola? Canola (Brassica family), not traditionally a southern crop, is an attractive commodity. It has the lowest saturated fat of any major vegetable oil, with a favorable mix of mono- and polyunsaturated fats. It’s also an […]

Pinch of Soil

The Six Billion Things in a Pinch of Soil

Recently Keia Mastrianni wrote about our long time friend and Slow advocate Sammy Koenisberg: In a pinch of soil, there are more than six billion living things. a calm Sammy Koenigsberg looks out the window of the coffee shop where we are meeting to ponder this fact, his blue-green eyes fixed on something far off in […]

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