Steve Case


Steve has been involved with Slow Food Charlotte since 2006 and co-owns and operates a sustainable farm with his wife Geny, They started the farm with the intent on growing good, clean, nutrient dense food for their family, growing vegetables for many years. Soon they added chickens and ducks and sold eggs at the local […]


Andy Ciordia


Andy has been with Slow Food Charlotte since 2005 helping develop and run our technology. Multiple websites, various platforms, community management in social platforms and delivering our message to the region. Beyond Slow Food, Andy utilized local farmers markets to leverage and incubate his family business The Secret Chocolatier. Sourcing local ingredients and making farmer […]


Donna Thrasher


My interest in “good, clean, and fair” local food really started with a desire to find proteins that were not contaminated with chemicals and antibiotics. When I realized there were local farmers market sources available for healthy, quality eggs, chicken, pork, & beef, it was like a whole new world opened up! The fact that […]


Anita Skogland


I was raised with the tomatoes and peonies in my grandmother’s back yard, and always relished fresh produce.  We love to cook, experiment with food, play with things that grow, and support our local farmers.  Slow Food was a natural fit with my perspective on life – eat often, eat with passion, and support local […]


Genevra Case


Geny is a naturally gifted artist and resilient gardener. She grew up in the dairy region of Pennsylvania where everyone gardened and preserved food for the long winter months. It is a part of her heritage that she never abandoned. Geny moved to Charlotte in 1981 returned to vegetable gardening in the mid 80s and […]


Beth Mack

Beth grew up in a small agricultural town in Ohio, hating having to weed the garden as a child; never thinking her career would one day connect her back to her roots. Beth is now a Registered Dietitian with a passion for local food, sustainability, and healthy living. She enjoys cooking and dabbles in gardening […]


Nikki Panos

Volunteer Coordinator

My adoration of nature and living peacefully within it never really had a beginning; I was indoctrinated into a thoughtful world by my parents. Growing up a creek baby in the hills of St. Louis I discovered the riches the earth provides for us by plucking wild blackberries and mulberries in my backyard and nibbling […]


Alison Leininger

Alison Leininger is a freelance writer and avid volunteer in the Charlotte-area food community. A member of the Piedmont Culinary Guild, she has promoted local farms, markets, chefs and other purveyors online and in print for Edible Charlotte, Creative Loafing, WFAEats and Before joining the Slow Food board, her volunteer history led from the […]

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