Going Bananas? GMO Bananas..

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GMO Technology developed to help solve problems in agriculture. But what are the cost and long term is it working in our favor? The genetic human advancement is extremely slow compared to the microorganism we are trying to battle. Long term studies of the impact on human health is non existant for GMO foods. A large part of the cost is our diversity on all levels. As you read these two articles below, you will see a change in marketing strategies to push GMO technology as the solution. But why not allow the small farmers to choose the strategy that works best on their farms. No, it seems the GMO advocates would rather push forward their agenda with a new spin, using US citizens as the GMO guinea pigs. Sweet potatoes, a crop also in Uganda, is naturally high in vitamin A with much longer storage capacity. Sweet potatoes may be a more natural long term solution to nutritionally substitute bananas. We have to be very discerning with the US news media. Keep researching and you can find the real story behind the sugar coated wrapping they sell to the American public.

If approved for cultivation, the genetically engineered fruit could revolutionize child health in much of the developing world

Genetically engineered bananas, packed with micronutrients, are to undergo their first human trial in the United States to test their ability to battle rampant vitamin A deficiency — a large cause of infant death and blindness throughout low-income communities around the world.

… however this does not bode well …

Growing Controversy Over GMO Bananas in Uganda

“The disease on the leaves you see right now is not the wilt, it is a different disease called black sigatoka. It is just killing off the leaves and causing significant yield loss,” he said. “This is a big problem, although of course not as much as the wilt, because the wilt just destroys the whole plant.”

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